Sizing and FAQ

What are your pants made from?

- We use a proprietary nylon, cotton, polyester, and spandex quad-blend fabric that we developed in house.

What is the difference between Bulletprufe chinos and jeans?

- The only difference between the chinos and the jeans is the pockets. They are both made from the same Bulletprufe Quad-Blend Fabric and fit the same. The chinos have slit side pockets with a large coin/cell phone pocket on the right side and slit rear pockets with an interior pocket bag. They're just as durable as our denim, but a tad more formal. Our jeans are a standard five-pocket. 

What is the difference between Bulletprufe Slim Fits and the Adventure Fits?

- The slims are a more tapered fit, though by no means "skinny." For a 32" waist, the slims measure 24.5" at the thigh and 15" at the ankle. The Adventure Fits are more like a typical straight fit and measure 26" at the thigh and 17" at the ankle.