Our Story

My name is Will Fisher, and I want to personally thank you for checking out Bulletprufe. As an avid outdoorsman, six years ago I felt frustrated that no pants existed that were both durable and comfortable. Briar britches were durable yet extremely uncomfortable for hiking and mountain biking. Stretch denim and nylon climbing pants were comfortable yet ripped upon any impact. At Bulletprufe, we spent five years engineering, testing, and perfecting our proprietary fabric that is indestructible and insanely comfortably. Our jeans and chinos keep up with an active lifestyle and still look good at the office.  

We are a small family-owned company and we make what we like and what you want. If you have an idea for an awesome color, fit, or style, please give us a call. You won’t get a call center 10,000 miles away; you’ll get me, Will. And I’d love to chat, or better yet, I'd love to hit the trails with you.

At Bulletprufe, we are passionate about what we do, and we care about our customers. Adventures and memories make life worth living, and we hope to enhance your experience, with pants that last longer and take you farther.

Thank you again, from our family to yours, and we’ll see you on the trails!

- Will Fisher