Our Story

My name is Will Fisher and I want to personally thank you for checking us out. Bulletprufe was founded on the idea of making comfortable pants that last. We think pants should fit and look great, be fairly priced, responsibly made, and, most of all, be durable and comfortable as hell.

We founded Bulletprufe for all of these ideas.  Pants should fit great whether you are hiking the Tetons, heading to a Friday morning meeting, or loading up for a cross-country roadtrip. We wanted to make a pair of pants that would be super comfortable no matter the occasion, able to withstand anything you can throw at them,  and look great doing it. 

 “I have been overwhelmed at the response our customers have shown us in the last 8 years growing this company from 2 hand sewn pairs in the back of my truck to the company that it’s become.  I am blown away by the response people have had to our denim and consider it an honor to make pants men buy again and again. My greatest source of pride is the fact that we have an over 90% repeat customer rate”  - Will Fisher

We didn't think we would come up with a pant that's both insanely durable and super comfortable, but we had to try.  After several years of refinement we came up with the Bulletprufes you see here today.  You don't have to choose between comfort and durability any longer as our proprietary quad-blend fabric combines the strength and ruggedness of ballistic nylon, with the stretch you need, and the super soft comfort you love.  You will find yourself wearing our pants every day whether that’s hiking the Rockies or pounding away to meet that deadline at work. 

Able to be worn with a button-down shirt and some loafers during the week, you can maintain the comfort and style you love.  And dressed down with your favorite comfy tee, you're just as comfortable wearing them to the local brewery on a Friday night.  The true dual-purpose pant is here, and it doesn't compromise on durability, comfort, or style. 

At Bulletprufe we're proud of our pants and stand behind them 100%. Whether you're a world class athlete, a weekend warrior, or just looking for some great looking jeans and khakis that will last for years, we've got your back.

We are passionate about what we do and our commitment to make comfortable everyday pants that can also stand up to a wicked climb up El Capitan (even if that's only in your dreams, for now)!

Adventures and memories make life worth living, and we hope to enhance your experience with pants that last longer and take you farther.

Thank you again, from our family to yours, and we’ll see you out there!

- Will Fisher, Founder