Welcome to the Tribe

There is something that we all share. A common ground. An ethos. A passion. We bike, climb, skate, and live life to the maximum. It is about enjoyment of the outdoors, appreciating nature, and occasionally, shredding the urban jungle. The Bulletprufe Denim call to arms is sounding and only the truly committed need answer. At Bulletprufe Denim we believe in the right to quality gear, pants, and shorts that will not let you down when the stakes are high. This is the Bulletprufe way. 100 percent or nothing at all.

Bulletprufe Quad-Blend Fabric

That is how we build our pants, chinos, and shorts, to perform at the highest standards. Through five years of engineering, design, and intensive testing, we devised a superior blend of fabric that features the durability our lifestyle demanded, with the comfort we wanted. Our Quad-Blend Fabric proved to be the answer to the pants that had let us down when we needed them most. Our standards were as ambitious as our demands and we feel that Quad-Blend delivers on all fronts. Made from a blend of nylon, polyester, spandex, and cotton with an eye to environmentally responsible construction, we chose the materials to perform while being insanely comfortable. The problem with contemporary jeans is they just don't hold up to the pounding that truly active guys will give a pair of jeans. With Quad-Blend in our jeans they will hold up to whatever you choose to throw at them.


Traditional jeans take months, if not years to break in, in that time they are simply too stiff to throw on and go for a mountain bike ride. By the time regular jeans they are broken in they are too thin to withstand serious impacts, not that serious impacts are any fun, but they happen when you live the Bulletprufe way. Our jeans are crafted of Quad-Blend for strength, stretch, softness, and abrasion resistance. When you need a pair of jeans for the crag, the bike park, or just to hit the brewery for an after ride beer, Bulletprufe has you covered.


When we created our jeans, the next logical step was to craft our signature line of Bulletprufe Khakis. Built to the same ballistic standards as our jeans, Bulletprufe Khakis are tough enough to skate the local park as they are shredding a presentation during a client meeting. We wanted khakis that looked good and performed even better. The natural choice was to offer the best casual pants you can buy.


A good pair of shorts should be a requirement for outdoor adventure after all, if you are not risking your legs you are not living. In all seriousness, Bulletprufe All-Day Teton Shorts are the active guy’s answer to the standard pair of cutoff jeans. Not that our shorts are cutoffs, they have been designed with Quad-Blend for superior durability and quick drying comfort. You will never want to give up these shorts and fortunately they are designed to last even the toughest conditions.

Bulletprufe Lifestyle

When we set out to build the perfect jeans for an active, adventure focused lifestyle we never thought that it would take on a life of its own. Now whenever we throw on our Bulletprufes and head for the mountains, beach, or just the corner grocery store, we know we have inspired thousands of guys to get out there and push harder. The simple design and the superior performance are in, what we feel, are the finest shorts, pants, and jeans in the business. We took what our customers truly wanted and made it a reality. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a pair of well worn Bulletprufes in a far off jungle somewhere. We are committed to offering the same jeans and pants for your active lifestyle. Even if you do not have an active lifestyle, Bulletprufe jeans will look just as good on the couch as they do on belay. Order yourself a pair and see what we are talking about and if you are not happy with your jeans, khakis, or shorts, we offer our Bulletprufe guarantee so you can make your purchase with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Get out there in your Bulletprufes            

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