Moab Mushroom Denim - Adventure Fit

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Handmade and crafted from our proprietary quad-blend Bulletprufe fabric, our new Moabs are ready for anything you can throw at them. Refined enough for Fridays at the office but built for the weekend.

They actually got their name from the fact that, during testing, the founder of Bulletprufe wore the same pair 24/7 on a ten-day cross-country roadtrip/Moab adventure that we barely survived. So it was only natural to name them after that special, adrenaline-soaked spot in the Utah desert where they proved themselves (and, after a few coldies, one of the crew remarked that they were the same color as the mushroom on our pizza at the Hot Tomato in Fruita, CO). Odd name, killer colorway. 

We've done a lot of variations over the past several years and the Moabs are probably our favorite. It's tough to convey in photos, but they are a really earthy, almost grey, mushroom color that looks incredible and goes with anything. We introduced them last fall and almost immediately sold out of the first batch, so we're super stoked to have them back in the lineup!

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    Our Adventure Fit is a classic, straight cut, roomy but not loose through the thighs and then straight from the knee down to the ankle.  
    Adventure Fit Jeans, and Khakis
    Our Slim Fit is a little more fitted through the thighs, but still with enough room to move, and then tapers from the knee to a narrower ankle. Tailored, fitting, but definitely not "skinny."
    Slim Fit Jeans, and Khakis
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